Just like May flowers, spring giving days are popping up all over!

Like their bigger (and better known) brother, #GivingTuesday, these spring giving events are designed to drive donations, crowdfunding-style.

Spring giving days go by many names. Most of these events will take place sometime during the first week of May. Many are 24-hour sprint campaigns.

Regardless of whether or not your nonprofit is participating in a spring giving day, I encourage YOU to participate.

Here's an easy way to get involved - and 2 great reasons why you should.


If you can, make a donation - to any nonprofit, of any amount. Every dollar makes a difference!

I love that my friends in Bozeman, Montana are having their 7th annual Give Big ED Challenge this week. (Shout out to Susan Denson-Guy!)

In Susan's words, "Let's rally to support organizations that we love and support!"

The ED challenge asks Executive Directors to give a total of $150 or more...to one or more nonprofits...AND to organizations where you don't work or volunteer.


Think about it. Giving to any nonprofit organization supports the entire sector.

Offering financial support to another organization is easy. And it's one way that Vu Le suggests we can work together to end the Nonprofit Hunger Games.

Susan encourages her Bozeman peers to "Give to organizations that inspire you, that fuel your passion, and that you value!"

community over competition


A less obvious reason for giving to other nonprofits is to see what they're doing.

In the book How to Love Your Donors, veteran fundraiser and author Stephen Pidgeon says this:

"Frankly, if you're not giving to all of your immediate competitors to test their systems, you're missing a trick. You learn such a lot from this tactic."

One year, on a Spring Giving Day, I did this. You can learn a lot from my experiment.

John Haydon, author of the book Donor CARE, suggests you review your own experience, especially when you're giving to an organization for the first time.

You might consider things like:

  • How quickly - and how - do they thank you?
  • How do they engage with you after your gift, if at all?
  • When - and how - do they ask you again?
  • How does the donor experience make you feel?

John asked, "How does the experience compare for each nonprofit?"

Then John offered his own challenge:

"How can you be better at dazzling your donors?"


Remember, your donations help nonprofits do their good work.

And, if you're a fundraiser, giving to other nonprofits can help you, too.

What you learn from giving can help your nonprofit provide a better donor experience.

And that can lead to higher retention and more donations for your nonprofit.

Photo credit(s): Pixabay

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