It's just been 3 weeks since most of the U.S. started to take notice of the coronavirus. And what a long 3 weeks it's been!

So much has changed, but one thing remains the same: the important work that you and your nonprofit are doing.

How will you keep doing that work? Now and into the future?

With those questions in mind, I've curated a list. This is of some of the best fundraising advice I've read over the past 3 weeks in the context of the coronavirus crisis and a pending recession.

You'll find excerpts from 5 different sources here, along with links to the full posts.


>> Article: Here For This

Key takeaway: Don't stop fundraising.

"All of us in the professional do-gooder business are built for times like these....That doesn't mean it's easy. Figuring out what to communicate, how to fundraise, what to cancel, what to double-down on, whose ass to kick, and how to be here for this coronavirus crisis is no small feat. Here's what we're thinking.... ( Click here to read all 8 tips.)

#2...Don't stop fundraising
You know this already. You can't stop fundraising—people, animals, the planet, candidates, and more are relying on us to keep bringing in the resources and revenue they need."


>> Article: Experts Urge Charities To Talk To Donors

Key takeaway: Don't stop communicating.

"Many donors are unsure how to step in and help....That uncertainty is why nonprofits should step up right now and start talking to their donors.

Make clear to donors what help the organization needs. Even if you're a small charity and focused solely on keeping those you serve afloat, communicating fully and clearly will keep the money coming in.

Fundraisers should make an extra effort to clarify for high-net-worth donors how they can help and what their money can do to make things better."


>> Article: Stop Toilet Paper Hoarding. Start Empowering Your Donors.

Key takeaway: Don't assume donors won't give.

"Now's the time to be in more frequent touch with major donors, letting them know what your organization is up to... how you're dealing with the pandemic...and especially letting them know what special opportunities exist because of this crisis.

What about a matching gift challenge to spur giving at this critical time?

Out of crisis springs opportunity. Don't assume the best of your donors won't help you seize the moment."


>> Article: Coronavirus And Major/Planned Gifts

Key takeaway: 5 practical ways to engage with major donors (#5 applies to all donors!)

"#5...explain to the donor that the needs your organization is addressing aren't going away and that, in fact, with this coronavirus event, those needs are in jeopardy of not getting funded because of distractions, health concerns, etc. And that now it's even more important to have their support."

Keeping in mind that everyday donors want to help you, too, here are two final posts:


>> Article: Follow This Formula To Raise Money Right Now

Key takeaway: You can raise money now, by email.

"If the COVID-19/Coronavirus is hurting your beneficiaries or your organization, your donors would love to help by sending in a special gift.

There's a formula we created to help organizations during this time of need. Follow this formula to create a simple email that works extraordinarily well."

Click here to watch a video of Steven Screen explaining the formula in more detail, along with an example that follows the formula.

>> Article: Why You Should Send a Letter Now

Key takeaway: You can raise money now, by regular mail.

"To any organization who is considering using direct mail for their coronavirus fundraising,


The Big Idea here is to use the mail to reach your major donors and the LARGE group of compassionate folks who would like to help but aren't email responsive."


I've followed these tips myself.

My clients are communicating with their donors.

They are securing matching gifts.

They are sending emergency appeals.

And they're raising money.

You can, too.

Whatever you do, remember these words from Jeff Brooks and Future Fundraising Now:

"Fundraising you don't do is guaranteed zero revenue. It's also lost opportunity that you can never get back."

Yes, the world is different now. But the world needs you.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

And take good care of your donors, so you can continue to take good care of the people, animals and places that depend on your nonprofit.

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