As 2018 comes to an end, you'll see "best of" lists and recaps everywhere.

In case you missed a post from the, or just want a refresher, here are the top 5 posts from this past year.

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What Fundraising Metrics Are Worth Measuring?

You don't need (or want to) wait until the end of the year to measure your success! Check out these 10 fundraising metrics you might consider tracking and reporting, to help you reach your annual goals. (And don't miss the 2 metrics that no nonprofit can afford to ignore!)

There's More Than One Way to Measure Success

For a lot of nonprofits, June 30 marks the end of the fiscal year. Most nonprofits use their bottom line as the primary measure of success. And many will use it as the only way to measure the success of their fundraising program. The thing is, meeting your budget numbers shouldn't be your only fundraising goal.

Foundation Tax Forms as a Free Research Tool

Unless you're an accountant, you probably don't like tax forms. But if you're a nonprofit (and especially if you're a grant seeker), you should love them. That's because tax forms - specifically the 990-PF - are a terrific, free research tool. Tax forms are a treasure trove of information. You can learn about a foundation's giving guidelines, how much they give, who they've given to recently, and so much more.

What To Do After You've Written a Grant

There's more to grant writing than just "writing." A lot more. At its core, grant writing has three steps that I call the 3Rs: Research, wRiting, and Review. This post offers tips on reviewing what you write before you submit your proposal to a foundation.

How Your Thank You Letters Can Put More Money in the Bank

Writing a terrific thank you letter is the first step in getting the next gift from that donor. That's why it's so important - not only to thank your donors but to thank them well. This post offers 3 tips to writing a great thank you letter as well as a 4-part formula to help you raise more money in 2019.

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